[MUSIC] Describer: The words "The Job of the Data Collector" appear over an aerial view of the Westat campus. Narrator: At Westat, we improve lives through research. We live in a complex world… Describer: An aerial view of a city and busy highway. Narrator: …with an ever-growing need for information. Describer: Data and various number calculations move across the screen. Narrator: Research surveys help meet this need by providing important data, which are used to understand, and guide public policies. Describer: Data collectors perform In-person interviews and other various data collections efforts. Narrator: Westat data collectors are a link between decision-makers who help make the policies and the people these policies affect. Describer: A list of government agencies scrolls across the screen followed by people going about their daily lives. Narrator: Westat data collectors are the critical front line, obtaining the data at the source. Describer: A field interviewer goes to a person's home, Narrator: Our company is a worldwide leader in research design, data collection, and data analysis. Describer: A research design meeting, a data collector conducting an interview, and a data analysis meeting. The Capitol building appears and is overlaid by images of families, a bald eagle, produce, highways, windmills and solar panels, people exercising, and a person reading braille… Narrator: Government agencies, private foundations, and businesses contract with us to work on a variety of topics, such as… health, social policy, education, and transportation. Describer: Full screen images of technicians working in a lab, a young boy sitting alone on dilapidated stairs, young men walking on a college campus, and a woman using a driving simulator. Narrator: In most surveys, we gather information by conducting interviews. A research interview is a structured conversation between the data collector, who uses a questionnaire to ask a series of questions, and a respondent, who answers the questions. Describer: Data collectors conducting interviews.. Narrator: Depending on the survey, the interview may be done in person or on the phone. Describer: …a split screen showing a phone interview Narrator: The interview may be with a member of a household, or a member of a business or an institution. Describer: …and an interview with a businessman in an office Narrator: In other studies, Westat data collectors use different methods to collect information. Describer: An in-car camera monitor. A man using an eye tracker. Roadside field observation. Narrator: For example, by: conducting field observations to record different types of behaviors, administering assessments to children and adults, or abstracting from documents, where records are reviewed for particular information. Describer: A montage of various data collector activities. A data collector gathers information from a document. Narrator: All of these types of data collection have complex elements. When administering a survey, our data collectors must locate and contact the right respondent, and conduct the interview according to survey procedures. For other types of data collection, data collectors must, for example, identify the correct record for abstraction, set up and administer assessments in group sessions at schools, or find the correct location to perform observations. They do this all in a consistent, reliable, and considerate way. Describer: A man presents a chart of results. An in-person interview. A data collector looking through files. A team sets up computers in a school. Data collectors making observations in a shopping center, at household doors, and calmly taking an oral swab sample from a child held by her mother. Narrator: To help ensure your success, Westat provides a comprehensive training program. You will learn the survey procedures for collecting quality data before beginning any work. By the end of training you will have the skills, the tools, and the know-how to be a successful Westat data collector. Describer: Several different large and small data collector training classes. Narrator: Data collection is a critical part of every survey's success. Enjoy an important and rewarding job as a Westat data collector. Describer: Data collectors interact with people in a variety of field settings. Narrator: Apply today to become part of the Westat data collection team. Various shots of data collectors conducting interviews. [MUSIC] Describer: The Westat logo and tagline "An Employee-Owned Research Corporation" and the web link www.westat.com. Copyright Westat, Incorporated 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED This video contains licensed material for illustrative purposes only. Any person depicted in licensed material is a model or actor.